Monday, April 16, 2007

Oh -- the surprise...

I told you I would tell you about my surprise later.

I so wanted to post some photos -- but alas... my camera is buried somewhere. I hope it's not in the backyard, and I'm just not finding it in the house somewhere. Crazy...

Anyway -- the company.

Delano and Leora, my in-laws, were honored at their church this weekend for 20 year of service as the janitors of their church. (WOW -- that's amazing!!) So all their kiddos surprised them by coming to church with them Sunday Morning. 4 grown kids and their extras showed up.

Since it was supposed to be a surprise... we opened up our house to my SIL, and her 4 kiddos. They normally stay with grammy and papa when they come to town. NOT THIS TIME!! Oh my kiddos had so much fun playing with her kiddos. It's always fun to have them into OUR house -- our toys, our yard, our environment. We don't get that very often, because they always chose the grandparents motel -- which is understandable.

They came in Friday night and we ate tacos together. Saturday we ate some more. Then Sunday we ate again! Whew -- a lot of food was being passed around with 9 kids.

Saturday I took the olders to the school playground. That's a great place to Rollerblade, we found out. The weather took a turn for the better while they were here. Actually -- where they are from it really snowed. So they were able to come up north and keep warm. Isn't that crazy?

My SIL climbed a ladder and helped her brother put up a chimney. That sort of didn't set well for me. Why do I feel jealous that my dh prefers to work with his family more than me? I need to get over that.

He got the wood furnace going -- now our house smells like a bonfire always. I pray I get over that soon. That is supposed to save us a lot of money -- pass the S'mores!!

Sunday we all went to Grandpa and Grandma's church. Turns out we went to a lot of work to end up looking like fools. Grandma cleans the church -- so she found the invitation lying on the table she was cleaning. It had every little teeny detail listed on it. So we were running around looking like clowns -- lying through our teeth and she was sitting back there laughing at us. Oh well.

They did a great -- really funny -- skit. Representing Delano and Leora. Then we sat through a children's musical. That was interesting.

Off to the Depot for a potluck lunch. The church provided the meat and then the lay people brought the side dishes. There was so much food -- it was amazing. Down home country cooking at it's best. My kiddos were in heaven. So were my hips! That's always nice...

But Oh Man -- can those ladies cook!

Then after a small family tiff... we headed home. Some day I'll get it...but for now -- I'm just glad it's all over! Ü I'll be happy when the Lord returns. Ha Ha!

I need to quit now -- while I'm ahead... if I am at that...