Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Father's World

I'm in the process of switching.

No -- not switching my kids.

Switching curriculum.

I'm going to try My Father's World in the fall. The Creation to the Greeks unit to be exact.

Starting FALL of 2007, I'll have 3 scholars. Using Ambleside Online, which I still really love, I'd have 3 different schedules to work around, plus my own. LOL... My Father's World is a Charlotte Mason type Unit Study deal, that is designed for families with multiple grades. Plus they throw in a little bit of the Classical Education. Still using living books. Latin/greek. Nature Walks and notebooks. History timelines. I'm praying that it will be a perfect fit!

One thing that bothered me about Ambleside Online was that my 11yo was shuttled off into the other room to "do her reading", so she usually ended up in her bedroom -- with the door closed -- alone... which, if I were reading for school, and didn't want to be distracted, is where I would be too. But do I really want that all day long?

With My Father's World, she will still have her alone reading time, but we will have a lot more TOGETHER reading time, and TOGETHER hands on activities. I missed that with Ambleside Online. No unit study type stuff. Which -- they are proud of. They don't like hands on Unit Study Type Stuff. Ü Some people, do, some don't. I think I do. I KNOW my 11yo does. She's always creating something. Gluing, pasting, cutting, tossing, shaking, stirring, and creating...

So -- I'm selling my AO books, and looking forward to the day when -- OH -- did I mention this? My Father's World... if I want to... I can just say, "Give me 1", and they'll ship me all the books -- brand new -- already gathered -- with a teacher's manual -- to my front door. No burning the mid-night oil at e-bay, looking for obscure books, and getting out bid at the last minute. Or opening up the package and fining Robinson Crusoe in SPANISH!! :P LOL Yeah -- that's a hard one to sell too... mind you. No wonder they forgot to mention that in the description.

The Teacher's Manual -- they set up the schedule for me and 3 kids. That will be nice. I KNOW HOW To do that -- but if it's done already, then I like that.

So -- now you know how to better pray for me. I look forward to schooling a little differently next fall. Dad and Mom -- you need to come back for another 10 day visit -- school will be different next time. Home school - ya gotta love it!!