Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I bet you are wondering...

... how did I come up with Book #12? Well -- I read Beautiful Girlhood and forgot to blog about it! This book was written by Mabel Hale who lived in Wichita, Kansas, in the early twentieth century. Beautiful Girlhood was her most popular book, so says Amazon.com. Ü

Now THIS book -- This book I highly recommend.

I pre-read it and quickly. I devoured it!

Now I'm going over it again, more slowly, with my 11yodd. I'm so old fashioned. I agree with most things she has to say. Manners, our walk with God, our relationship with our parents. She just really nailed it on most things. But -- as with most books. Well -- all books except the Bible, there are errors. But really -- I think the errors are so small, that I think YOU should read the book for yourself and see if you can find them.

Definitely a must read. This book is a keeper. I got it through PBS for free -- one of the best finds yet! There is a revised version of this book called Beautiful Girlhood by Karen Andreola and Mabel Hale. That is NOT the one I read, but I've heard good things about that copy. I think Mrs. Andreola also wrote a study guide to go with her book. Go for it. LOL

There -- NOW my list shows 12. ;) LOL