Monday, April 16, 2007

dum da dum dum duuuuummm....

Today is -- TEST DAAAY!!


The cowgirl and her brother, the grappler are heading to town today with sharpened pencils and some scratch paper! The will sit down on their little kids chairs and crack open a fresh STANDFORD test. Fun will be had by all!!

For the next 3 mornings they will strive to do their very best for the Lord. (I'm praying that way, anyway!)

This is our form of accountability to the State of Iowa so we can continue to Home school our kiddos.

Whew... it makes a momma nervous. Well -- you know... NOT FEARFUL -- but just a tad jumpy! LOL

I have hardly even spoken of it to the 7yo -- I do NOT want him to have any anxiety about this. The 11yo has been through it before -- so she is just bored on these days.

I've got average, normal kiddos. No genius here at this house -- we are at grade level... and not above, not below. I bet you didn't know there was such a thing. I always heard how great homeschooling was because the kiddos get so far ahead of their public school peers. Well -- so far not true at our house. We are normal. So -- I don't expect anything OUTRAGEOUS to happen... but I don't want them to do any less than their best!

It's a fun time for them. They get to be with their home school friends, the mom's provide treats! So -- we try to make it as non-stressful as we can. They do have to sit in chairs -- and we don't play any music, or burn candles... but still NOT a stressful time.

So -- those are my plans for today. Test, test, test!

Yeah -- plus some laundry -- but isn't that normal?

No new news on KNOX. We are still praying. He is still in the hospital, and his parents are still crying out to God that His will be done.

The older children did get to see him in the hospital yesterday -- they left behind some posters for the walls. They are going to go home and try to regain some normalcy with grandpas and aunts. While dad and mom and friends gets to stay at the Ronald McDonald house. I've heard great things about that house -- what a blessing to help out people while they are needing to be ministered to so badly! Thanks McDonalds!!