Friday, July 25, 2008

Cost of BabySitting

Dh and I rarely pay a babysitter.

When ever we do we are so like this...

DH:"what did you earn when you did baby sitting?"

ME:"huh?? that was 20 years ago?"

DH: "what do your friends pay their baby sitters?"

ME:"I have no friends who pay baby sitters."

DH: silence

ME: "What do your friends pay baby sitters?"

DH:"I have no friends."

ME:"Are our kids HARD -- does she deserve more then normal? There are so many of them."

DH:"I wonder what normal is."

Akkk... Since we have no idea what to pay -- we never leave the house alone.

Until NOW!!!

I am so excited... I can't wait to go on a date -- NOW that I know what to pay a babysitter.

You TOO can leave the house alone -- after you use the BABYSITTER RATE CALCULATOR!!

It is pro-rated by your zip code... how many kidlets you have, and how old the sitter is. You can also throw in curve balls like TWINS!! My friend has twins... I bet she has to pay more...

So -- what's your going rate?

Mine is $6.

I wonder if I can afford to leave the house alone.

Let's just say I go to Des Moines - I live 1 hour from there. Woah.. that's $12 to drive there and back.

Eat supper -- 1 hour -- $6

Watch a movie -- 1.5 hours... brb... Yeah, I thought so. $9

HEY!!! Is that $27?? We'd better not doddle while we are driving home. Can't afford to go parking. LOL Oh SHUT UP... you do too know what parking is.

PLUS the cost of dinner/movie/fuel. Yeah -- dream on... I guess I'll be grabbing my hubby, NETFLIX it, pop some corn and grab my broom for banging on the ceiling and telling the kids to KEEP IT QUIET UP THERE -- I'M ON A DATE!!

HOLY COW!!! I just put my sister's zip code in there -- :dead faint: (this is Jennifer's blog... she will resume blogging when she regains consciousness.)