Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 2 of Creation Museum

Day 2 of the Creation Museum started with a movie called Men in White. It was funny, funny, funny... a comedy that was educational. And SURPRISING!! I'm not gonna spill the beans... but you need to BE READY for ANYTHING in that show. I was laughing out loud!

Then we headed into the belly of the museum. A 3 hour tour (could have been longer!) all full of biblical history. There were very lifelike wax figurines, many charts to read, lots of information. TV's running short movie snippets. A TON of information. Every thing was very top notch. Take a look at this dinosaur. Very life like looking. Doesn't it seem like a real reptile? Remember -- you can click on the photo to enlarge it -- if you dare. LOL

There were some hands on things for the kiddos to touch. We found this little photo op out by the elevator. It seems like every square inch of the 70,000 square foot museum was in use some how.

The flood room was my favorite by far. There were computeres in there for the kiddos to do puzzles on. There were big chuncky puzzles that even Wayne and Danielle could get their hands on.

We started into the museum about 10:30ish... Then we had to stop for lunch. If that were one thing I could change -- I would. It's hard to get out of the tour once you begin it. You either have to walk quickly to the end, or turn around and go back to the beginning against the flow of traffic. We took the 1st option. We quickly walked to the end. Ate our sack lunch then walked about through from the beginning to start over where we left off. If you time it correctly... you could do it all at once... Start right at 10:00 when the museum opens, or wait until after lunch to start.

At 3:00 we went to a lecture. Now -- I must say -- 3:00 in the afternoon... after staying up until 11:40 playing C.O.D.A. the night before -- after we ate a big picnic lunch... not the best time for a lecture. It was interesting... the parts I was AWAKE for was Very intriguing. :giggle: Please don't thing that the speaker was to blame. He was very engaging... just... I was a bit sleepy... I needed to get some water squirt in my face... that may have kept me awake... Oh shhh... I promised not to spill the beans.

After my nap -- oh... after Mr. Riddle was done speaking we headed over to the Dragon Hall -- or the book store, in laymen's terms. That would be a very easy place to go over board -- I would LOVE to fill up our church library with all that STUFF!! Ü Dan had given the kiddos an allowance -- some spent their $$ here... others were holding out for what was to come the next day.

Tomorrow -- the Kentucky Horse Park!!