Sunday, July 6, 2008


Leora, my dear Mother-in-law, had herself a SuRpRiSe tonight!!
Since you aren't to tell a ladies age... lets just say she celebrated successfully breathing for 70 years straight, with out stopping.


Look at that neat cake with her picture on it.

Here she is with
Olivia , Izabel, Christina, Brad, Tori, Brady, Milo, Mansel, Wayne, Trenton (a great), Braxton, Danielle, Aurora, and Marshall. Michelle was gone on a missions trip, other wise all the grands were there. What a blessed thing to be able to capture on film. Doesn't she look happy? She loves her grand children -- and they can tell.

She was having a ball. We finally made she and her family sit STILL for a photo. Delano, Randy, Dan,
Debra, Leora and Rhonda.

Tucker got tuckered out. He was ready for us to scoot, I think.

Her friends and family came to celebrate -- and it was a grand time!