Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm Sorry Ebony

Our dog Ebony likes to walk with me.

I like to poke fun at him -- because I think he is a coward.

Today -- I must say I'm sorry.

Ebony -- you are NOT a coward.

Let me explain.

Saturday I took my walk/run/shuffle/crawl -- down the road, past the new neighbors. NORMALLY when I walk by them, their dogs bark at me through their windows. I say, "oops... hope I didn't wake them up." LOL

Well -- SATURDAY, I was late getting my walk in -- and they dogs were out in the yard. Ebony and I were walking alone, because Tori was at camp still. The new neighbors have 2 dogs. One 3 legged dog called BO. (Poor Ugly thing), and another slick, blue/grey BIG dog with 4 legs that has a LOUD bark, and I don't know it's name.

I came over the hill and apparently they smelled me... they came trotting along out into the road and were barking, barking, barking... so I kept walking, walking walking. YIKES!! I don't like barking dogs!

The slick large loud 4 legged one stopped and grooowled... showed me his teeth. Eeek... I start taking baby steps. GROWL... I stop taking baby steps and stand still. I say, "good doggy... are you friendly?" I notice my voice is a little high pitched. I'm scared out of my wits!! "Good doggy." Woah.. is that my voice?? Fear is dripping out of my armpits apparently - he can smell my fear!!

BO!! (the neighbors can hear the dogs barking -- their windows are open). BO round'em up -- bring'em in!!


then the 3 legged dog starts running around the slick large loud 4 legged one.

Oh... bring HIM!! in... not THEM... ok... so I start walking...

I call out a cheery shaky, "Good Morning"... and keep on walking, keeping on walking... I notice my 3 minute walking part of Couch to 5K is over -- so I take off RUNNING!!! that's my fastest 1 minute 30 second run EVAH!!! Oh my gracious... I was scared witless, I believe.

I hear doggy steps behind me... I turn ever so slightly...

EBONY!!!! Oh good doggy.... OH good doggy!!!! Where WERE YOU?? LOL I think he had stayed behind as a diversion so I could get out of there... I don't know -- I sort of forgot him in my flee for safety.

So -- fast forward to Monday.

Some how - I slipped out of the yard with out Ebony noticing me leaving. I don't usually INVITE him to walk with me... he tags along. I bet he'd noticed that -- so decided that he didn't need to hang around with me... I'm too high class for him -- well -- he'll show me.

Well -- maybe not... but anyway...I thought, "Oh how nice -- I get to walk alone today... no Ebony trailing along."

I crested the same hill and WOAH!!! What in the world??? Here comes the slick loud 4 legged dog RUNNING at me... I CAN SMELL MY OWN FEAR!

EBONY!!! EBONY!!! I'm thinking.. Oh where is Ebony today??!!

I hear the neighbors yelling at the dog from INSIDE... I see him turn a little and look at the house.

I TURN AROUND AND START RUNNING -- who cares what the stop watch says... I'm NOT going past that stupid dog, and I'm RUNNING UP THIS HILL AWAY FROM THAT DOG!

And I'm sorry Ebony -- I'm the coward... thank you for saving my hide and doing it so well that it seems you weren't even doing anything.

Today -- I'm going to head South. I know those dogs... they are all old and friendly. I'll just face them new hills with a vengeance... because it's either them hills or that dog... and I'm NOT conquering a dog!! 3, 4 legged or otherwise.

So - Ebony -- you going walking with me today?

I'm such a coward.