Monday, July 21, 2008

Mozy Back Up

Have you heard me speak of Mozy? This is a GREAT place. It backs up my computer stuff for FREE!! Mozy says...

Why all the fuss about backup?

Chances are you have a lot of important stuff on your computer like financial documents, email, digital photos, music and more. Unfortunately, computers are vulnerable to hard drive crashes, virus attacks, theft and natural disasters, which can erase everything in an instant.

Current statistics show that one in every ten hard drives fail each year. The cost of recovering a failed hard drive can exceed $7,500, and success is never guaranteed.

Now -- that's a lot of $$... Wowza... recently our computer CRASHED... it didn't cost $7,500... but it sure was stressful.

Horray for MOZY! I didn't lose any photos. Cool!

If you refer folks to MOZY they will give you extra storage space. You can alway pay $4.95 and get unlimited... but I'm not to my limit yet-- so I stay free... but would welcome any little extra bit I can get. Ü