Monday, July 28, 2008

We got a Little Rain Yesterday

I think I witnessed my first flash flood yesterday. This is our mailbox across the road from our house. Fortunately we live on a hill -- so the water was running away from us -- and boy was it ever running. FAST.
(It's not a very clear photo - I think the camera was focusing on the rain drops. Sorry.)

Down the other side of the hill we live on is a creek. It jumped it's banks last night. Dan drove us down there to see it, after church. You normally can't even see the creek from the road. It hides behind that row of trees. That green you see is a corn field. Lest you think the water is REALLY high -- the farmer had planted that field late because of flooding in the spring. That corn is probably only knee high. YEARS ago the saying used to be, "Knee high by the 4th of July." Now a days the corn is already over our heads by the 4th of July. But this field -- here it is almost August and it's only knee high. We've had a WET year.
The creek crossed the road down there.

On the way to church Dan had to clear some tree branches off of the road so we could get through. We were in the basement right before we left for church. VERY high winds blew through our neck of the woods. We lost some branches, but not whole trees. Thank you God for pruning our trees again last night. What a beautiful site our dancing trees were. Magnificent the display of power of our God.