Saturday, July 19, 2008

One More Give Away?

Can you stand it? Another give away....Wowza.
Of course -- it's all about free advertising for them... but hey -- I'm a sucker.

OK -- here is it. One more. This one is NOT cool... but warm. A Quilt. A nice crinkly quilt. Soft... cuddly... I think. I actually haven't felt it. But it sure looks soft, cuddly, and crinkly.

Dana at the Old Red Barn blog made this here quilt. Isn't is beautiful? :swoon:

Now -- she is being very generous and giving away TONS of chances of winning. If you have a blog ya just gotta participate or else your chances of winning go WAY down. So -- here I go -- (sound of Jen's feet pitter pattering away) I'm going to put her pretty link up on my side bar -- the quilts so pretty... it'll liven things up a bit. Don'ca think?

I think I'll go to bed now -- too much blogging in one night is not good for... for... something - I'm sure.