Thursday, July 17, 2008

Best Horse Park I've ever been to.

OK -- so the Kentucky Horse Park is the ONLY horse park I've been to. We love our Daughter -- she loves horses -- so since we are so close we go to a horse park. LOL Me? Well -- I love my daughter... Does that tell you anything? (I don't love horses so much - but she knows that). Hey -- let's just say I love her more than horses!

Really -- the history part was very interesting. That blue pole up above... ya see it? Over there on the left? That is the START of Man o'War's stride... the START... the finish is the 3rd pole on the right. 28 feet. Can you believe it? That is amazing... that horse could R.U.N.!! He is now buried at the Kentucky Horse Park - there is a neat memorial there for him and some of his off spring.

The Kentucky Horse Park is where some CHAMPION horses retire. There were 6 there... and they brought out 5 for a Parade of Champions. Interesting note -- the RICHEST racing horse evah. he also happens to be a gelding. Oh bummer...

It was there that I noticed Wayne was getting a bit fussy... so I was a bit distracted. Tori -- she was NOT distracted... she was enamored. Ü

Then we went to the Parade of Breeds. They brought out several breeds for us to view and the riders dressed up in costumes. This horse is HUGE... don't ask me the breed... but her costume sure is pretty. LOL

See her skinned up knee? Well -- she was on the first horse to come out -- the horse SLIPPED... and her foot got stuck in the stirrup. YIKES!! She shook it off like a trooper... but I saw her limping later... I'd have been bawling... but that's why I don't like horses -- they make ya bawl. (sometimes)

We then headed over to another barn... the BIG BARN they call it -- to see some Mares and their Foals. It is the biggest wooden barn in all the USA. Wowza.

I used to call every baby horse a colt. Well -- I instructed a "horse" class for home school girls this winter. I know now that all baby horses are Foals -- either a filly or a colt depending on if they are male or female. So -- we saw 2 mares and 2 foals. I don't know if we were looking at a filly or a colt... I was watching Wayne. He seemed feverish...

OK -- Tori says... the miniature foal was a filly. See... she was paying attention. LOL Isn't that little filly cute??!!

See -- Wayne is asleep in his dad's arms. Not normal. Thus -- my lack of paying attention to horses.

I've read that they have a FANTASTIC horse museum... but some of us were feverish... so we skipped it. Maybe next time. So -- we went directly to Tori's trail ride.

I think she liked that idea -- what do you think?

Her horse? Well -- her horse may feel other wise. Old hat for him -- that trail ride.

So -- Wayne was fussy... I was tired of holding him... and it was getting close to lunch time. I volunteered to take the rest of the non-horse riding kiddos to the van. We would eat our lunch and they could trek over to the van after Tori's trail ride.

It was an adventuresome walk to the van. Wayne only threw up once. Yuck! Just so happened to throw up on the carpet. There we were in the out doors -- horse poo every where... and he waits until the 3 minutes we are on carpet before he hurls. N.I.C.E. I didn't get mad at him... he really wasn't feeling well. It tuned out his THROAT hurt... he was telling me his NECK hurt... so why the vomit? Who knows? He had a sore throat for several days... but seems fine now. Praise God for Motrin. Praise God for a dear husband who REMEMBERED the Motrin!! Whew...

We all ate lunch -- got in the rented van -- traveled back to the airport. Switched out our stuff into the borrowed van with no a/c and headed home.

1/2 way home we stayed in a SUPER DUPER motel that was down the street from a Bob Evan's Restaurant. You know they sell Sweet Tea there too. It goes great with omelets and potatoes. Oh my word... that's totally not on my plan. I'm pretty sure the sweet tea did me in. I want to move south.

No worries... I'll just start over with my diet on Monday....

So -- after that -- will everything seem like a let down? No more excitement? Blah? Hum Drum??

Yeah RIGHT!!

Come back tomorrow to see the best place ever to give birth to kitties.