Friday, July 18, 2008

The Best Place to Have Kitties

Well -- we got home from our trip -- and were greeted enthusiastically by our dog, Ebony. Oh he was so excited to see some of us. (Not me). He loves the kids! After a bit I asked, "Has anyone seen Susan?" OK -- not my blogging friend Susan... but our CAT named Susan. She was preggo when we left -- we were curious to see if we had more pets when we come home, then when we left.

Nope -- nothing -- don't see her. Not unusual -- maybe she's out hunting wabbits. So we unloaded the van. Took everything inside... Dan is outside doing some final tidying (he is always doing some final tidying :giggle:) "TORI" Dan is hollering for Tori - she is our pet lover.

He says he can hear the kitty -- but can't find her. Where is Susan?

Can you see her?

That's right WAYNE -- she is IN the milk can -- WITH her 4 kitties.

What a place to have your babies.

Look at that protective arm over her babies. These are brand spanking NEW kitties too. I think they were born the day we came home... if not hours before we came home. I'm guessing she thought that would be the safest place around. Maybe under the porch other critters may get in there? Who knows. I don't think like a cat.

I made her move out of the milk can. I thought it would get hot in there. And I doubt she could get out of there very easily. So we put the pet porter up on the porch, tipped over the milk can and enticed her into the cat carrier with some milk. I had to dump the kitties out of the milk jug. I hope I didn't cause any brain damage -- I tried to be gentle.

She's doing fine.
Susan is the only cat we have left from our last batch of kitties.
So we are starting fresh.
What a way to end a vacation.

I praise God every day for my family. Things like this remind us that God is an awesome creator. He made small insignificant things like cats and their kitties, all the way up to my dear husband and his wonderful babies.

Thanks for a wonderful time Dan. I sure loved traveling with you. I can't wait to do it again some time. You are a great provider and protector. I just can't imagine going through this week with out you. You are a great husband and wonderful father!

Thank you kiddos for being so great. You are wonderful travelers! Hardly complaining -- OK... so that's not so true. But really only complaining a little. I had fun with you and really enjoy being around you.

Thank you Lord, again, for all you have given me. Kitties, fillies and air conditioner too!