Thursday, July 24, 2008


Are you a conservative?




Well -- over at Huck PAC there are some very thought provoking blog entries.

He held a VERTICAL DAY blog-a-thon of sorts yesterday. You can click here to get over there.

He had people such as Bill Frist M.D., Senator John Cornyn, Representative John Linder and Senator Lamar Alexander, just to name a few, blogging. Africa, FAIRTAX, oil... are some of the things discussed.

I'd suggest you go there and BOOK MARK that spot for some insightful reading over the next few days. Leave a comment while you are at it -- let's let our conservative leaders know how we feel about the work they are doing. I pray you would encourage them to keep on keeping on the RIGHT TRACK! Let them know you are praying for them, as God's Word commands us to. (Well -- I HOPE you are praying for them.)

So -- just to see if you are paying attention... who can tell me why Mr. Huckabee called it Vertical Day?