Thursday, June 12, 2008

Iowa Flooding

Yes -- I live in Iowa. Yes -- some counties in Iowa are experiencing flooding. Yes -- A creek does surround our property on 3 sides... BUT...

1. We live a long way from the Des Moines and the Cedar Rivers (which is where the flooding is happening, as far as I know)
2. We live up on top of a very steep hill.
3. Dan laughed at me when I asked- will our creek flood?
4. We've got a sump pump in our cave - which should minimize any flooding we would experience.
5. I serve a living Saviour.

So -- I'm not worried.

I am praying for folks who DO NOT have the benefits of #1-5, that I listed above.

I've got friends who helped a home school family move all of their belongings out of their house yesterday -- every last stick of furniture, stuff, food, toys, pictures, cloths... everything. They live below the Red Rock Dam. That's pretty close to the Des Moines River. OK -- it's holding BACK the Des Moines river... but not for long. They put all things they wouldn't need for the next 3 months in a trailer. Neighbors told them that in the 100 Year Flood of 1993 their houses in that neighborhood got up to 3-4 feet of water, and it took 3 months to dry out. So - they are preparing.

I am hearing that folks along the Des Moines river are more prepared then they were in 1993. New levies. Experience is on their side.

I've heard on the radio that 650 Iowa National Guard Soldiers have been activated to help with sandbagging and transportation. I was activated in 1993. I ended up pouring milk for soldiers breakfast. Too many soldiers activated that year, I think. I asked if I could go home eventually. I wanted to go back to my normal job. I thought they could pour their own milk. I'm sure there were some soldiers whose mothers were still pouring their milk for them at home, but if they could drive a deuce and a half through 6 feet of water, then they could pour their own milk onto their cereal for crying out loud. And don't cry over spilt milk either.

But that helps me know how to pray for the Soldiers. Lord -- help them as they pour their milk over their cereal and drive through 6 feet of water, if they have to.

I'm praying for our government leaders. Governor Culver had to travel around Iowa a lot yesterday. Viewing the water up close. He has to divy up the funds to people who want them. Some folks in a City Hall were packing up all their papers and records yesterday. Praying for traveling mercies.

A church in Des Moines lives on the dry side of the levey. BUT -- the ground is so saturated with water that their parking lot is collapsing -- even on the "dry" side. I'm praying the levies hold. Thinking of New Orleans there... their levies didn't hold.

Then I'm praying for my folks too. Cedar Rapids Oakland is having a 50th Anniversary this weekend. Cedar Rapids is along the Cedar River. (That's for the people -- like me -- who do better if you just spell things out for them). Well -- they may experience some detours... small bridges may be flooded out. While they were in Iowa they were also going to go to a High School Reunion, in Des Moines... down by the river... but they aren't driving a van. OK -- old SNL joke there...

I invited my friend Susan to crash here with her 6.5 kids and dear husband if they need to. In 1993 folks didn't have drinking water for a while where she lives. If THAT happens... she can surely come here!! I've already given her my phone numbers. Selfishly... wouldn't that be FUN!!! OK -- I'm sorry Susan... I'm not praying that way... you know... just thinking wishfully!

Now you can say you know someone who knows something. I don't know much -- but you don't have to include that tiny detail!

Oh and... it's raining here again...