Friday, June 20, 2008


I'm in another weight loss contest with friends on-line... and a few friends from town. Ü I'm surrounding myself with people who want to be fit! It's exciting.

Well - today on the message board someone linked us to these exercises. Calisthenics. That word sounds old fashioned... doesn't it?

It IS old fashioned... no equipment needed. Seems now a days if you don't have a ball, or a hand weight, or a band you are just out of the loop.

The discussion was that this Crossfit "stuff" is working -- so much so that our military seems to be adopting is at their own. That's what this review say too.

So... I may make me a DVD of these and take them up stairs and do them in the privacy of my own room. I like my kids... but hearing them laugh while I'm exercising is a bit discouraging.

Have you heard of Crossfit? Do you do Crossfit? Let's talk.