Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gone Fishing

We all piled into the truck -- fishing gear stowed. Beautiful weather abounded. A day of vacation needing to be burned.

We Lake Miami -- too bad it's NOT in Florida. This one is in Southern Iowa. Someone was doing some wishful thinking when this "lake" was named. I kept calling it a pond. LOL So - we all piled out. Got our hooks baited. And cast and cast and cast.

and waited.

and waited. Some more patiently then others. Who needs a hook.... Wayne can be entertained with rocks and sticks. I've said it before... I'll say it again... rock and sticks until they are six. Ü He didn't catch many fish with that stick -- but it was fun trying.

Most of us had fun -- unless their hat flew off and landed in the water -- and they had to fish it out with a wormy hook. Ewww...
But Nice Save Dan.

Milo is in awe of his father's hat saving skills.

Tori likes to fish. I'm so glad. She's fun to be around when she is enjoying herself. She caught one -- big enough to be bait.

Last but not least -- my little princess... she "caught" one. I did the reeling in... and the holding... and the looking... and the unhooking... and well -- most of it actually -- but she was standing very close to me when the fish was hooked. The pole STARTED OUT in her hands. LOL Would she hold it up for me so I could photograph it? No.. not on your life.

But she had fun... yes... of course... with the rocks and sticks.

I look forward to a summer full of fishing.

What is your favorite fish story to tell?