Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A NEW Thing

My sister gave me a book...  642 Things to Write About.  Instead of writing in the book, as the author assumed we would, I'm going to use it to blog.  :)  I'm alwaying thinking - oh, I should blog about that, then don't.  If I will set up a schedule and do this regularly, I may blog spontaneously more often.  Ya think?

I really like that my sister gave me a gift that she thought would be a strength for me.  I don't really see myself as a writer.  I'm going to do it anyway - because I love my sister, and maybe she sees something in me that I don't see myself. 

My first post just so happens to be a negative one - but they won't all be that way.  Don't be alarmed.

So here goes...  my first of 642 (maybe, I might skip some - like the astronaut one.. we'll see) 

The meanest Thing anyone has ever said to you

You know what?  I have a LOT of things that someone has said to me that are pretty mean.  If I get started on them all - It could lead to depression.  So - I'm going just pick one, and I'll end on a positive note.

"My mother hates you so much that she wants to claw your eyes out."

Instantly my  mind started racing - what?  Why?  What in the world?

I was so stunned that I didn't say anything and he turned away and walked out of the room.  Later he confessed that he'd made that up and he was just trying to hurt me. 

In the mean time - between the accusation and the confession - I didn't mention it to his mother.  I wasn't sure what to say really.  Should I asked how I offended her?  I finally decided that if she was that offended, she should have addressed me about it and since she didn't, I would just wait.

BUT - I didn't go out of my way to seek her out.  Didn't call.  Didn't write.  But - that was normal - I don't normally do those things either.

So now... I know that he truly is a terrible person.  Why would he lie about his mother that way - make her sound like such a terrible person?  That's shameful in that respect.  But he hates me so much that he intentionally lies about a loved one to me just to hurt me. 

I've finally decided that things like this are a blessing from God.  How?  It's is revealing his true character.  oops - guess he shouldn't have done that.  I'm not holding a grudge, I'm looking into the window of his soul.  I don't like what I see.