Friday, February 7, 2014

Something I've Lost

I paid $30 for a toe ring once.  Too much probably.  I thought it looked cool.  Made my feet look younger.  It was a fun to thing to be able to wear while wearing flip flops.  Pretty - expensive looking.  Nice.

It's lost.  Sometimes I look down at my feet - if setting on the couch and have my feet up on the table, and wonder - where is that toe ring?  I don't even remember taking it off. 

Where could I have lost it?  I would wear it swimming - I wonder if it slipped off while my toes were cold and wet one evening.

I wonder if it broken and fell off because I wore it so much. 

I wonder if I did take it off when I had to wear it with closed toe shoes and someone  saw it and threw it away.  Some people in my life didn't like me to have nice or new things.  I have had several things broken, or throw away, deleted, gone missing... so I wonder if my toe ring was one of those things.  I guess I'll never know. 

I should buy a new toe ring.