Thursday, February 20, 2014


I had forgotten that I had written about this already.  So here are more things What Can Happen in a Second
A person can blink
A cat can blink
A sneeze can shoot germs 17 feet away
I can cross my legs
Crack my knuckles
I can hit back space and delete a mis spelled word
A knife can be plunged
Wedding cake can be cut
Wedding cake can be smeared or lovingly shared
Rice can be thrown
Birds can defecate
Seeds can be spread
A page can be turned
A thought can germinate
A weed can be pulled
Several feet can be walked
Even more feet can be ran
Much ground can be covered if sprinting
A muscle can be pulled
A snowflake can alight upon a nose
A body can shiver from a chill
A log can be thrown on a fire
A spark can fly up in the air
We can win or We can lose