Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Someone is Holding Something Blue... is it you?

A man holding a blue pacifier.  His wife just handed it to him - they are going to have a baby and she hopes it is a boy.  He is thinking - boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy....  a boy?  I hope it's just one boy. (that is totally fictional by the way!)

A girl holding a blue flower.  This little girl just bent over and picked a flower from in the tall grass in the field behind her house.  She is wondering who would most enjoy her flower.  Her first thought was MOM!  But she just gave mom flowers yesterday.  Maybe the older lady next door would enjoy the blue flower.  (this too is fictional, becuase you know - there is 72" of snow on the ground... give or take - imagination - it's a wonderful thing).

A boy holding a blue ball.  The blue ball just bounced into a puddle and splashed water all over his face and down his clean blue shirt.  It looks a little like he spilled his drink down his front or something.  He is holding the ball away from him as it drips, and drips.  His hands are wet and dirty - if he puts the ball down, it will be more wet and more dirty.  "I think I'll walk the ball to the sand box", he says to himself, "and leave it there and go inside and change my shirt.  Will I be in trouble?
 Where did this ball come from anyway?"

A doctor holding a blue glove.  Why won't my nurse order me XL gloves?

A nurse holding a blue glove.  Why won't the secretary order me Medium gloves?

If you were holding something blue - what would you be thinking?