Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Beloved Family Tradition

There once was a time that we realized we had a beloved family tradition.  We didn't ever call it a tradition, but it dawned on us that is WAS a tradition in our family - and we love that it is so.

One year at Christmas my dad said, "Why don't we have mom tell us the Christmas story."  She said, "Me?"  Yep - she just started in Luke - and said for us word for word... One night there were shepherd abiding in the field... all of it.  With out skipping a beat.  He realized she had it memorized.  I'm not sure if she did.  I didn't know it. 

After 55 years of hearing the Luke 2 Christmas story during the Christmas season - she had it memorized. I can still see her sitting in the chair just telling us the Christmas story unhindered by any book.  Flowing from her in her beautiful story telling voice.  I'm so glad we have that family tradition of reading of the Christmas story from Luke 2.  I hope it's one I can pass on to my children.  So very important... what a wonderful thing to be able to treasure!