Thursday, February 6, 2014

ESA - not a disease

If you live in Iowa - you need to read this and take appropriate action.

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Action Alert
Support HF 2090 - Education Savings Accounts!

House File 2090 would create Education Savings Accounts for students to attend nonpublic schools or homeschool.  The amount would be the average State per-pupil aid (~ $5,500 this year).  This bill passed out of subcommittee today and will now be considered by the entire House Education Committee.

The amount of each grant per student would be the average State per-pupil aid (~$5,500 this year).  These funds could be used for private school tuition & fees, some forms of private instruction, tutoring, educational therapies, special education needs, and other qualified expenses.

The bill includes multiple levels of fraud protection and does not add any regulations on nonpublic schools or homeschoolers.  If funds remain in the account when a child graduates high school, they could use those funds to attend an Iowa college or university.

Numerous studies have found that school choice programs improve academic outcomes for public and private school students.  There has never been a reputable study that has shown programs such as these have hurt public schools in any way.  Public schools will retain their basic property tax and local option sales tax revenues under this proposal.

We are home educators here - but even if we weren't we believe in the choice to be one if you want to be!  Make your voice heard, please.  

Thank You!