Thursday, February 6, 2014

A New Book

This is a DRAFT that I'd forgotten about... I wrote it when I first got my new book from my sister.  It's funny to read what I wrote then (November 2013) and now. (02/05/2014)  I'll go ahead and post it - you can read it out of order - it won't hurt you.  

I was given a new book.

This friend knows me well - I love books.  Well... this book is different then any book I've ever been given.

Title: 642 Things to Write About

She said, "You are a good writer, when I saw this book I thought of you."  My first reaction - NOooo.... I'm not either.  I've never been trained.  I don't follow good grammar rules.  I'm not good.  BUT if I would have said all of those things I would have been saying to her, "You don't have any idea what you are talking about."  I don't like it when people tell me that.  So I accepted her gift and said, "Thank you."

Being the reader that I am - and lover of books - I've skimmed it already.  It's interesting.  There is a person.... (could be a man or a woman, you decide), Po Bronson.  They got challenged to write a book called 642 things to write about.  Not thinking it was possible... but liking the idea... Po sent out an e-mail.  Whom they sent it to is probably key to the project being successful.  They sent it to a writers Grotto.  San Francisco Writers' Grotto actually. In 24 hours there were 642 ideas given to put in book form.  So now I have this book.

Will I write about 642 things?  I've read through some of the ideas... and they seem... odd - I probably won't.  LOL  But one never knows... I may feel a little odd some day and write away.  But I AM going to use this book.  I'll blog and use #642 as a label.  I should NEVER run out of blogging ideas this way.  I'm looking forward to getting those creative juices flowing - then every once in a while you'll have to tolerate photos of my kiddos.  Because that's my true love.  Funny thing - I don't think I'm doing a very good job at that either.  See... I probably need to work on that.  See the good in - me.  :/  Probably... but not today.

Today I will write about, "WHAT CAN HAPPEN IN A SECOND?"

In a second we can breathe, or not breathe any longer.  We can be done breathing in 1 second.  That could have eternal consequences.

In a second a dog can jump on you and lick your face.  Ugh - that would be disappointing.

In a second you can change your mind about what to wear. In fact - things in your mind that change in a split second.  Split second... does that mean that you would split a second into parts?  A split second... even less time.

In a second I can turn around.  I need to do that more often.  Instead of staying in the room... turn around... walk out.

In a second I can add a math problem.  Some people can't do that.  I'm very thankful that my mind can do math mentally, and it doesn't take too long.

In a second I can give thanks.  I have read books telling me that GIVING THANKS is so important.  When I forget to do that I can tell.  I get discouraged.

In a second we can tell people how we are feeling with our faces.  Just a glance at someone's countenance will show people just exactly how we are thinking.  A lot of people thing they can camouflage that...  I'm a people watcher.  I love watching people's faces.  That's an interesting hobby.

Isn't this an interesting topic?  What in something that you thought of that I didn't... about what can happen in a second?