Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Blog

Well -- I've gone and dun it...

I'm started YET ANOTHER blog!!

I'm going to do this to hold myself accountable.

I love to blog.

I hate to write myself notes about what I've done for school that day, or trying to remember -- just what DID I do all day, when my dh asks me that infamous question, or keeping any symblance of MEMORIES of my children's education.

So -- here it is... my attempt at killing several birds with one stone.

Johnston Academy

Catchy Title... huh?

I know -- the creativety was just oozing out of my pores this morning.

I've got a start on it.

I'm supposed to update it weekly.

Yeah -- I've got a family blog I'm supposed to update monthly... that I forget about... so I'm praying you'll BUG ME if I forget.

Oh hey... I've got a google calendar -- I just might schedule this. Hmmm...