Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dynamic Duo

Tori and I got to do a babysitting job together. I'll tell you what -- when you babysit babies as good as these... it doesn't even seem like a job. Someone PAID me to snuggle with this little guy. Mucho Malachi. He loved our animals. He sat by Ebony for a long, long time. He squeezed our kitties. LOL He'd call for them and squeal when they would jump and play... oh it was fun to watch.

Being twins -- you'd think SAME, SAME, SAME... well -- they aren't. They are as different as two peas in a pod. HA! just kidding... They are individuals. It was very fun and interesting for me to watch.

This is Isaiah, in the blue... the go getter. I didn't get to snuggle with him much. Since he is the lite weight of the crew... Mansel usually grabbed him first. Mansel is my baby lover. Ü Malachi carried around a toy racket for a long time, and Isaiah pulled this wagon around. Having not had a baby in the house for a while, it was fun to remember what babies are like -- for a day. Danielle really pleasured in "talking" baby talk to them. Someone wondered if Ebony could understand them, since we couldn't.
Here they are together. I think they look as different as night and day -- you can see they are family, but not identical twins. My children on the other hand... they kept saying, "The one in the blue or the red?"

I did a horrible job on these photos - I'm disappointed I don't have better shots to share. I was taking them too quickly, I guess.

Thanks Bob and Necole for trusting us with your precious treasures yesterday. What a blessing they were to us. Our house was full of joy and laughter all the day long. (Well -- except when Wayne spilled his red drink on the carpet.) LOL AND... I even took a nap. Always nap while babies nap, that's my rule.


  1. Oh how LOVELY! I always thought it would be WAY cool to have twins! I'm so glad you had such a great day! :-)

  2. I'm diggin' those chubby legs you captured of the "one in the red"...hehe...they are all just toooo adorable!!! How fun and so great you were able to get the snuggles too. =)

  3. They're adorable!

    Hey, I rarely read your great blog because your page took forever to load with my stone age dial up service. Now I get here and BAM! It's all there! I'll have to keep up now! :)


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