Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Good Bye Netflix - Hello Direct TV

During the summer -- we suspend our Direct TV. We don't watch much TV during the summer normally. But we do like to have family movie nights, once a week, and sometimes a date night for dad and mom. So we do Netflix.

This summer -- summer is ending early. Well -- sort of.

The Olympics are starting Friday. My dear husband got the TV up and running so we can watch the Olympics this year. I'm SO glad he got it going early -- Track and Field is my most favorite sport to watch EVER!! I think that was developed at an early age, due to my Dad and Mom taking us to the Drake Relays annually. Hooray... I'm one happy momma.

So - I'll suspend Netflix (you can do that for a while), and Let the Olympics Begin.

What's your favorite Summer Olympic Sport? Are you going to be watching?