Tuesday, August 26, 2008

He pays attention to details that way -- He's that kind of a God

Recently Dan and I had a discussion -- a money discussion. We agreed... yes we did too -- stop laughing... We agreed to stop spending so much. There -- that wasn't so hard.

We agreed on some other stuff too -- but this is a family blog. LOL Rated G... so there.

But -- since we've decided to stop spending so much, I think God has perked up his ears and started paying attention.

Here are a few examples.

I went to our local farmers market to buy me a pig. Not really -- to buy some sweet corn to put up for the winter. When I saw the sticker $5/dozen, I thought they were crazy and I told them so. Not really... I said, "Thank you for telling me," and I didn't buy any. None at all. So there. How is that for sticker SHOCK!

I came home and the very next day a neighbor drove up and said, "Do you like sweet corn?"

Well -- SURE, sure we do.

We could pick all we wanted, when ever we wanted, and pay nothing. Yippee!! So I picked me some corn and put it up for the winter and I praised the Lord. He provided. We wanted corn -- he didn't give us Lima beans. Isn't that nice of God -- he pays attention to details like that. He's that kind of a God.


I think I already told you about Uncle George and his fair maiden Aunt Joyce. They blessed us over and over and over again with all those baseballs, and soft balls, and gloves, and bats, and a net thingie that is still up in our garage. What a blessing. Uncle George did not bring us down a pogo stick. We are not pogo'ers... although we could probably learn, but we do play softball and baseball, and one of us is even left handed, and did you know Uncle George brought a left handed glove down here. We serve a great God... he pays attention to small left handed details too. He's that kind of a God.


Some blessed soul gave us a check for $xxx.xx I'm not telling -- it's a secret and this is a family blog, and if I told you the secret -- then I'd have to kill you... that's not very family blogish, now is it? After they handed us the check -- they said, "So - how much would you think you would need for curriculum this year?" I quoted them a number. They nodded and said, "Well well well... isn't that swell." OK - not really, but it rhymes, and it's similar to what they said. After they left and we said thank you over and over again and wiped the tears from our eyes... yes we did too... we opened up the check. JUST THE EXACT AMOUNT I QUOTED TO THEM!!! Yes it was. It was too... I serve a God who likes to meet your needs to the penny. He knew the details even before I SAID THEM OUT LOUD -- He pays attention that way -- He's that kind of a God.






Thank you God -- My heart over floweth with praise for you today.