Friday, August 8, 2008


Today is Victoria Joy's 13th Birthday. I have entered the phase of having a young adult in my home. Tori!!! We love you and look forward to how God is going to use you. She is beautiful. (I'm so jealous of her hair) She is loving. (Oh how she treats the animals around here - it amazes me) She is kind. (She really helps me with the babies, she will make a wonderful mother some day)
She is a peace maker. (I often hear her working with the youngers to help them learn to get along)
She is full of joy. (She isn't like me with my out loud LAUGH! But when she looks side ways at me in the car and laughs out loud at me -- it's a picture I want to always remember. He face GLOWS!) She is patient. (One thing about an old house -- it's not sound proof. In sharing a room with her 4yo sister, I often hear her showing patience with Danielle. She is so gracious sometimes!)

Oh -- I could go on and on... but I'd rather spend the day with my new teen. 13... I can't believe it.

SLOW DOWN!! I don't want t miss anything!