Friday, August 1, 2008


I've got a friend - Tawna -- she just told me she reads my blog all the time. Who knew??? Not me -- why? Because she never leaves a comment.

So today... today I declare it to be LEAVE A COMMENT IF YOU ARE A LURKER day. Ü

I KNOW that you are out there... I see the hits all the time... I don't know who you are... usually just what city and state or even country you are in... but a friend? Are you a friend? THAT information, I don't know.

Some people stop me and say, "I read your blog." Oh YEAH!!! An in real life comment... that's always fun... but today -- you have to come out of that closet and TYPE "I Read Your Blog."

That doesn't mean you have to LIKE my blog... LOL just say -- "Hey."

Ok -- Tawna... you going to be first?

(I realize... you may be lurking for a reason... so there may be very few comments today.) LOL

Oh well -- I'll just through this challenge out there anyway... give it a try. It'll make my day.

p.s. You can always comment anonymously. No one will evah know who you are...