Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mansel's Party

Mansel turned 10 this summer.  We have friends parts at ages 6, 10, and 16.  So -- he got to have a friends party.  He was so happy.

We have a swimming pool... "easy peasey... we'll have a pool party", I thought.  Just so happens it was FREEZING that day in August.  We had the weirdest summer weather this year.  So... they just did a polar plunge and then played around a bit.  One boy played in that COLD water for a really long time.  Maybe too long?  He was practicing floating... his mother would be proud... isn't he doing a great job?  

Several friends brought  their appetites.  We had pizza, chips, dip, gatorade and ice cream cake from the DQ.  It was a BLIZZARD cake... oh my heavens.  They are delicious!  

Other friends brought their air-soft guns.  They shot at targets until the pizza was done cooking.  Then Mansel opened presents.  After that he took his new air-soft gun outside and joined the fun shooting at targets.  

I'm pretty sure Mansel had a good time.  I can't believe he is 10.  Something I noticed about him tonight... while we were watching football -- he could make intelligent comments about what was happening during the game.  :sigh:  I just am NOT OK with the fact that my kids are growing up.  I want them to remain babies... until they are about 21... then they can immediately grow up and leave me in peace.  LOL... I know -- won't happen.  So -- if they must grow up -- let's celebrate with some pizza and ice cream. °Ü°