Monday, October 5, 2009

Hair Cuts

My girls got hair cuts.

Dani was the first. She has been begging to have her hair cut like Fran's -- the organist at our church. So -- I did it. I googled "how to cut short hair." Found the word pixie... and then went from there. Apparently Pixie is what it has been called for a while... a friend from church said her mother gave her a Pixie hair cut and she didn't much like being called a "young man."

When I asked Dani about that she said, "I don't care -- I like short hair." We need to call her Danielle to strangers... because if she is wearing her soccer gear and this pixie do... it's hard to tell sometimes.

To me her face is so beautiful, that I would never confuse the issue... but I'm her mommy! Ü

Then there is Tori -- she saw Dani's cute cut... she wanted one too. So -- her long locks are long gone, and she's a pixie too. I really like it. Much faster to get "done".
Here Tori, Milo and Mansel are pictured wearing their dad's old High School t-shirts and jersies. #34!! Go Chargers!!

Tomorrow -- you can see the video of the 1989 CHS Football team being honored at the 2009 Homecoming Assembly in Chariton. Pretty neat.