Saturday, October 3, 2009

Blog Recommendation

I have friends that like to READ blogs, but don't like to blog themselves. I understand that -- so I'm doing the readers a favor today. If you are a reader... you need to check this one out.

PrairieFrog Blog... one of my favorites. This week she posted some AWESOME pictures of treasures her children found.

If you read her blog -- don't forget to comment -- I know... bloggers love comments. °Ü°


  1. I read her blog all the time but have never made a comment. I'm too lazy to sign up with homeschool blogger. How lame is that??? I did e-mail her once and never heard back from her so maybe she thinks I'm some blog stalking weirdo. I hope not. Her family life is fascinating to me because it is so different than my own and I love her photography!


I love commentors!!