Wednesday, October 7, 2009

1989 CHS Football Team Remembered... some more.

FIRST -- there was an assembly. They honored the team... those who could still fit in their old jersies wore them... the rest let their kids wear them. LOL Or their wife -- I wore Dan's. First time I ever did that. I think his girlfriend wore it in 1989, and I wasn't his girlfriend then. I washed it first... got rid of those ex-girl friend cooties.

Each player got introduced... the current football team stood in honor of them. I'm a sap -- I thought that was so COOL!

We got to hang out with the team and EAT. This is Mr Cain... from Cain Super Sires. No lie. We ate some of that pork... and it's good eatin, I tell ya.

What do you think they are doing here? Can ya guess??? Watching tapes... tapes of the old games. Oh me.. it was funny. There were shouts of "WHO'S FLAG WAS THAT??? " A long touch down run... only to not count because of a flag thrown. It was FUNNY!! These grown men can remember minute details of those games played 20 years ago. I'm so glad my man has good memories to talk about, with good friends. We still get together with the Lanes, pictured in the rust colored sweat shirt. We see Mr. Milledge some too... he is critiquing the game with Dan here.

The wives wanted pictures of course... so we gathered them around. Coach Hoskins was crazy leader of the team. He is a good motivator! They let him sit in the chair. They were having fun!

Do they look like a football team? Sure they do... good job guys!! You can be proud of your effort!