Thursday, June 14, 2007

~~ Beautiful Before and After ~~


Here is my 11 year old dear daughter. Pigtails... that's the normal hair-do. Easy -- predictable -- frizzy more often than not. She yearned for straight hair -- poor girl -- she just wasn't born with it.


So we took her to a salon. Woo Hoo! I asked the stylist to explain to her what she was doing -- so Tori could duplicate the process at home. She came home with 2 bottles of product. They cost more than the hair cut did. YIKES! PLUS we had to go out and buy a new FLAT iron. No curls... just flatness. Now she is set. Loverly long silky straight hair. Not natural by any means... but lovely!


And of course her brother... he just wanted his snoze in front of the camera... so I made him pose too. He's got no shame... just as long as he is in the photo -- that's what counts.

I tried straightening my hair with the product and the flat iron... for some reason -- it's not so lovely. Probably that thinning, and my hair badly needs a trimming going on, but not until January 2008 -- doesn't make a great straight hair cut do. I'll stick with curly -- at least until January!
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