Friday, June 22, 2007

Rachel's Challenge

I've got an on-line friend, Rachel, who recently issued a challenge. It reads:

(1) Have one of your kids or someone else take a picture of you and your husband
(2) Have someone take a picture of you with each of your kids individually
(3) Have somone take a picture of you with all of your kids
(4) Have someone take a picture of your whole family--Sunday is the perfect day for this--take your camera to church. Someone would be thrilled to do this for you!!!

Your kids will be thrilled to have a picture taken with you and it is an expression of love to them to have a picture taken with them.

So -- I accept. Only I've done them out of order... but it's a start.

Here we go...

Tori and I. Age 11 - almost 12, and 37. ;) I used to think she looked a lot like me -- but I noticed today her nose is different than mine.

Mansel and I. Age 7 - almost 8, and 37. Ü Boy -- we had to work hard at this photo -- for some reason -- someone has told him he must show his teeth when he smiles. I'd almost rather he didn't. Why are there so many rules? Just be full of joy!!

Milo and Mom. Age 5.5 and 37.

Dani and I. Age 3 - ever so close to 14 LOL and 37. Oh what a princess.

Last but not least. Wayne and I. Age 2 and 37.

I'd love to see if you took the challenge... share your photos. As Rachel said, "Your kids will be thrilled!"

Now -- to round up the dear husband... that will have to be part II.