Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Today I Timed my Mile

It was mildly amusing.

When I got to the track -- there was a walking stick running already. She had a KNOXVILLE TRACK sticker on her car -- I'm assuming she was a high school track runner. I wanted to remind her that track season is over -- but she probably knows that. She's the walking stick -- not me.

So I started out speed walking -- I thought I'd walk 1/2 lap, then jog 1/2 lap, walk, jog... until I did my mile. Sort of like the Couch to 5k training.

Well -- the first lap I did o.k. Whew.. how fun to start running and turn that corner... lean into it... kick, kick, kick... felt like I was in high school again. YEAH!!

Ooowww... 3 minute lap... not too bad for an old geezer.

So I started walking the 2nd lap... breathing HEAVY. Hope I recover this 1/2 lap so I can run again. After a bit -- the walking stick starts running... I notice she has been running one lap then timing herself and checking her pulse. She's very professional looking -- running in her underwear and all.

When I start running again I can feel my thighs twinge. I wonder if I started out too fast. But then there is the corner... my favorite part. Then I hear her foot steps... so I scoot over so she doesn't have to yell at me LAP! I know she is going to lap me. LOL. But WOW -- look it there... all of a sudden I'm not kick, kick, kicking around the corner.... I'm slosh, slosh, sloshing. How did she do that? Apparently I'm running in slow motion. Amazing... She glides by like a gazelle... and my arms are wigging around, and my head is bobbing, my breathing WAY overpowers her breathing... is she breathing? I can't tell.

OK -- 2 laps. I start walking. THAT FELT SOOO SLOW... but no... it was still 3 minutes. How did that happen? She she went whizzing by -- time slowed down or something.

Next lap -- more like the first one... she was still checking her pulse or something. I was once again reminiscing about those high school days.

Lap 4 -- it happened again!! I thought that was so funny how I could trick my mind into thinking my wobbly jog was so fast then she would SHOOT on past me -- faster than a speeding bullet apparently -- and my reality got SHOOK! Ü I thought for a moment... I wonder if I run in my underwear -- would my time be any better?

Oh... to be young again.

I wanted to holler at her -- "HEY!! I've given birth 5 times ya know!"

But she could tell that probably -- as my 3 littles were running all over the place. "Marks, get set, go!" they were shouting -- over and over again.

I don't regret it!!! Who cares if I slow...

...I'm blessed!