Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Well we did it.
We pulled it off. After viewing the TLC special on large families, and seeing the JEUB's celebrate all of their children's birthdays on ONE DAY of the year, we got inspired.

I think the kiddos loved it most of all. Really really enjoyed themselves with all of their friends.

We had it outside -- because if we had it inside -- I would have had to clean my house. Having it outside in the garage -- meant that my dear husband had to clean. Ü I'm always thinking on my feet. LOL

We got some balloons. Dressed up the place a smidgen. Why do kiddos like balloons so much? Mine love them and I think they are a worth while investment. Even if you have to stand in line at Wal-Mart on a busy Saturday. It was totally worth it.


Wayne's cake had balloons on it. He actually turned 2 June 1st. Our birthday bash was June 2nd. The kids wanted to know if we were going to celebrate 2 days in a row. So -- actually NO... we didn't. But we will celebrate as a family for the other kiddos' birthdays. Just privately and less lavishly. Just nobody tell Wayne we skipped his -- and he'll be none the wiser. Ü

Danielle turns 4 in September. I think her favorite part was having a friend at her party. She was so happy that Laura got to come.

Oh -- did I mention that we were in competition with a wedding at our church. That cut our guest list in 1/2. That turned out o.k. because then I got to practice with a small crowd. Next year -- we can really let out all the stops. Or maybe just a few more anyway.

Milo turns 6 in October. So essentially this was his 1/2 birthday celebration. He didn't mind celebrating early.
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Mansel turns 8 in August. I can't believe it. I was looking at him the other day -- at this age I think is when I start to feel like they are growing up. He's becoming less and less of a boy. Why do we have birthdays anyway -- who wants to celebrate children growing up and leaving. Wahhh.. OK -- pity party over.

And last but not least - Tori. I almost typed Victoria. That's her given name - none the less...she prefers Tori. Another growing up thing -- a pulling away thing. HEY -- snap out of it!! She LOOOVED the party. We'll get to that in a minute. She'll be 12 in August. Her last year before the TEENS... oh my... I better cut it out before I get weepy here.

Well -- here they are all lined up. Wayne sure had fun with the cakes -- he only stuck his finger in one -- well he stuck 2 fingers in one. Great frosting. We had a lady from Dan's work make the cakes. They were all delicious. Danielle asked for a Strawberry cake. Having never had one before -- she didn't realize she didn't like strawberry cake. I don't mind it -- so I ate some... it was good. Next year we'll know better.

The party started out with the horse rides. My kind neighbor and her husband brought down 2 horses. Oh my horse lover was in HEAVEN. She finally got to do the leading. She said the leading was more fun than the riding. I think she felt more in charge.

Mansel was in heaven because he's the most social of the bunch -- and he had 2 friends very close to his age there -- and he laughed and jumped and rode and ate and laughed and had a smile on his face the whole time. GREAT FUN!!

Milo was on the mend that day. He'd just had a fever that week -- then it caused him to have a stiff neck. We finally ended up taking him to the chiropractor on Monday. Poor kid. But his fever had left by Saturday and he had fun.

So -- my princess is shown here opening a gift. Any suggestions on how to orderly open 5 people's gifts with out boredom setting in. Wayne wandered off , I don't know how many times. He is just not into presents. Maybe next year he will be. Did I mention Dani liked opening the presents? LOVED it in fact.

One of Wayne's friends came in a helmet. He let Wayne borrow it. Oh it was a hoot. He got up there on a horse -- brave soul. Even Danielle wouldn't ride the horse. He was so scared he would squeak every once in a while -- but he never got off. He must be addicted to adrenaline. He wanted down -- but when I'd offer to get him off he'd say, "No!". So Tori took him on a short ride. Helmet and all. YES -- the helmet is on backward. He could see better that way, I think.

I forgot to photograph the pinata. We had an indestructable pinata this year -- that we could have saved and used it again next year. All of the children got a change to really WHACK it and some of them really whacked it over and over again. The candy started coming out of the mouth of the fish -- but the fish wouldn't break. Too funny...

Then we ended up having a scavenger hunt for the remainder of the 5# bag of candy. I KNEW that if I kept that in the house -- I'd be 5#'s bigger by the time it was all gone. So -- we gave it away!

I think MY favorite part was learning how to make mints -- and learning along with my dd Tori. WHAT FUN!! I can do that again definately. But I'll need to give them away sooner. Woo... they were delicious.

Well -- all in all -- we had fun.

Next year -- will I do it again? SURE!! What a blast.

Nice to have it all over and done with. Maybe next year I'll consult the church calendar a little earlier. But I'd already sent out my invites, and ordered the cake, and bought the decorations, and and and ... I'm stubborn. I didn't want to change it. Ü

It was Nice! The people who came were very loving and generous.

Now -- I've got to get the Thank Yous out! Let's see... when do I have time to do that? I don't know -- but it'd better be soon... I really want everyone to know how much we appreciated all they did.

2007 BIRTHDAY BASH -- Session is now over!

I'm pretty sure if you will click on the actual photo -- it will enlarge. So grandpa and grandma -- if you want to really see it -- CLICK ON IT!

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