Thursday, June 14, 2007

6 Month Review

Posting about my stringy hair that needs a hair cut reminded me of my goal of 2007 to not cut my hair for a year. Ahh... this is June... 6th month of the year... 2007 is 1/2 over...

Good time to Review my 2007 GOALS.

Hmmm let's see -- I'll list them here for convenience.

1. Get my weight down to 140, and maintain that until 2008.
2. Have an extended fast every 3 months.
3. Find good for us snacks for kids.
4. Look into diet change for MILO.
5. Have my devotions regularly - after exercise - before computer. Finish Thomas E. Kempis, find more A.W. Tozer.
6. Work on my meek and quiet spirit, pray before responding, each time.
7. Go 365 days with out cutting my hair.
8. Never watch TV unless my dh is watching TV.
9. Read 12 books. (Keep track on my blog.) Some of which should be the Charlotte Mason series.
10. Have an "real life" friend over for tea 6 times. (6 different friends... if I can find them... one at a time)

Eeewww... look it there. I'm failing in a few. YUCK -- who thought of this? Review??? I'd better get started on a few.

OK -- I'm working on my weight still. I've recently stumbled across a way of eating that most of you have heard of. But see -- I just blew it off because I thought it was the same as another famous diet -- that I couldn't stick to. So why try this one, if I failed at the other one? South Beach. Ever hear of it? Well -- here is a great place to go if you want to learn about the nuts and bolts of South Beach. South Beach is not low carb - like I mistakenly believed. It is good fat, good carb. Oh -- there is a difference. Get the book and read it... it's a short read... and do what I did... get the book on tape -- it's an even faster read that way. AND -- your spouse might over hear it and become convinced that it's the way to go and he/she might just jump on board too. It's always easier to cook 1 way for the whole family then it is to cook for them, then for you. So -- we are South Beaching it -- so far my dh has lost more than I have. But you know... that's o.k. As long as I'm losing!

Oh -- that brings up #2. Extended fasts. I'm not doing them for weight loss any longer. :/ So -- that shoots down #2. Hmmm... I didn't like the effect it had on my body. I DID lose weight -- but I also lost hair too. That can't be good. Plus all the weight I lost, I'd put back on in between fasts. I could keep it off. It's nice to lost 15 pounds in a month... but who cares if you can 15 in the next 3 months and have to lose it all over again. So -- I dropped that one. 1 out of 2 so far.

OK -- so #3 is wrapped up with #1 as well. I am finding good snacks for the kids. I've purchased some oatmeal and have learned how to make granola bars. YUM!! Not instant oatmeal... but the good for you old fashioned oatmeal. Takes a LONG time to digest that stuff. ;)

Hmmm... a diet change for MILO. We are reducing the amount of sugar that everyone around here is eating. That is helping. AND the fact that Milo can go play outside all day long is helping too. We aren't doing much more that that. No eliminating large amounts of weird things. I don't normally buy Kool-Aid... but when I do, I try to buy the invisible kind (it's clear -- no food dye). I sweeten a lot of stuff with honey - as opposed to sugar. So Milo doesn't seem as hyper or out of control as he was this winter. Remind me of that in December. LOL

Devotions. I'm not as on fire as I was in January. I am still reading my Bible. For my morning devotions, I started using my BIBLE in a YEAR bible. They divided the readings up so there is OLD TESTAMENT, NEW TESTAMENT, PSALM, and PROVERBS every day. I like that. I should pick up the Kempis again.

Woah -- pray before responding each time. NOPE -- forgot about that one. Let's see... whew... what to do about that? Hmmm... I'll get back to you on that one.

Well -- I still haven't cut my hair yet. That's good.

Oh bummer... another failure -- don't watch TV unless my DH is watching TV. That's hard to do. He never watches TV. I like to preview the NetFlix movies before the kiddos watch them. So -- I do watch TV. Rather a lot actually. We have suspended the satellite service for the summer... coming back on in September... but I'm watching movies with the kiddos a lot.

Read 12 books. That's done! I'll still keep track. I'd like to use that number to set next years goal. Keep pushing my self!

OK -- 6 IRL friends. Susan, Lisa, Kara and Dan... hey -- I'm 1/2 way there. What fun... can I count the Birthday Bash friends? I should really... I'll need to have 3 more. YEAH!! I love friends. Ü

There ya go -- an update. I see I have some work to do.

Well -- dh is asking for the hose to be put away... I guess that's me. I'd better scoot.