Sunday, March 4, 2007

Biggest Loser 6

As I stated here, I joined the Biggest Loser Contest at HearthKeepers.

My team? The Apron Maidens. How neat is that? I just participated in the Apron Exchange at the C.M.O.M.B. message board. Got a very cute apron -- and I'm in the process of mailing out my apron that I made.

Here is my new avatar. Isn't it cute? We all have aprons as our avatar -- each suited to their own personality. There are some cute aprons out there!! Very cute. You can buy your very own here.

I'm on the very best team... I can't wait to see how we inspire each other to lose, lose, lose and get more healthy on the way. Already I've exercised 3 days in a row. Can't believe that. That's amazing -- exercise on a Saturday or a Sunday? Amazing...

I've been challenged to drink 100 oz. of water a day. Whoa! I didn't think it was possible. But I start early... try to get it done before dinner each evening. So far so good... you know we get a prize if we do it every day. Exercise goal is 5/7 days and water consumption is 7/7. So I must, must, must keep on it.

Why am I so inspired by a carrot? I don't know.. but I am. I pray that I win - but if I don't -- I pray someone on MY TEAM wins. I want to privilege of praying them over the edge! Meet the goals and feel great doing it.

You want to know something? I've got another cold.. same kind as a few weeks ago. I was eating garlic, and using poultices... remember that? Well -- it's been amazing how this one seems to be wrapping up so much earlier. No week long lounging on the couch. I'm pretty sure it's all the water I'm drinking. WOW!

So Yeah Rah! Go Apron Maidens... lose, lose, lose!

On my way to my 140 goal... just one pound at a time! Ü