Sunday, March 18, 2007

They are gone...

But they left behind a lot of evidence that they were here. I was thinking yesterday afternoon, "I'm so glad my dad did these things, I'll always remember, My dad did that." Ü I love my Dad and Mom!

If you didn't know -- they came to Des Moines for a church meeting. I had a sister that was due to have a baby this month. So since they were from CO, and they traveled east so far... they thought they would just stay with us until the baby came. Well -- it came. Welcome to the world Baby Bond! Ü Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

While my folks were here my mom really pitched in and helped. I told her she could come and stay any time! My laundry was always done, and the dusting got done while she was here too. They helped us with a little babysitting over the weekend. I even got to run to Wal-Mart by myself. I couldn't believe it. I was so blessed by their stay! I really enjoyed the time they were here.

Well -- my dad, the dear soul, he told me to make a list of things for him to work on while he was here. So -- I did! Ü Things that I'd been waiting on - but we never want to set aside a while day to work on. They weren't important... but just nice if they got done.

Here are some examples. This is a quilt that I wanted hung up in my hallway. DONE. My mom, 11dd and I sewed a "tube" on the back of the quilt, and then Dad put a stick through it and attached it to the wall. They found out baby bond was on the way, but he didn't leave until this project was finished. How nice!! I love it. This quilt was made by my dear husband's grand mother. Great memory trigger!

He also hung up my shelf. I need to get the ladder back out again, because I don't like the quilt that I chose to hang up there. I think I want it on a bed, and I'll hang up another one that my dear husband's grandmother quilted. Then while I'm up there I'll add a few things to the shelf. I've got some plates that would look cute up there.

He put up the border in my bedroom. YEAH!!! My bedroom is almost done... now I just have to hang up a few things. It is supposed to have a "Lodge" theme. Those are fishing tackle pictured on the border. I'll add my old antique cross country wooden skis... put up the photos. Add the little doo dads around the room... then waa laa... DONE! He did the border in 1 day.

He also varnished the shelves in here. That will be so nice. Much easier to dust. LOL. He did a beautiful job!

Oh... I miss them already.

They really LIVE their walk with the Lord. They would take a daily walk down our country road, turning around at the old country church. They discovered that it was left unlocked. They were taking their morning walk with the 3 oldest kiddos. I'd stay home with the babies. After they discovered it was unlocked, they started going in and praying, singing hymns, and quoting scripture. Oh I can't tell you how that thrills my soul. Just imagine all the memories they created with my kiddos. That's normal for my mom and dad, and I want it to be normal for my kiddos! Walking and talking about our Lord!

In case you think it's crazy that they leave that old church unlocked... there isn't anything worth stealing in there. No electronic "stuff". The pastor's office is at his home... and once while my folks were in there... the neighbor - who heard our dog howling along with the music outside - he came over to check out all the ruckus.

Dan mentioned that maybe they forgot to lock it -- but I'm so glad they did -- what a joy filled time my kiddos had with their grandparents to start off the day! First thing in the morning... they met with the Lord.

So now they are headed on down the road. Ready to meet the new grand baby. That makes 10. Pretty even number. They will be helping with the older sister while mommy is in the hospital.

Funny side note... my 3yodd asked, "Did my Aunt break her leg?" Why else would some one be in the hospital? LOL...

Well -- all I can say is Praise God from whom all blessings flow! What a blessing to be able to live with my folks for that short time. I wish we could do that every year! For no reason -- just come and stay! I'd love it.