Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I have joined the HearthKeepers Biggest Loser Round 6 competition.

I'm a little bit nervous.

I did BL1... lost -- um... 2 pounds, I think. I gained and lost those same 2 pounds over and over again... if I remember right.

So -- what different about now? I'm not anyone's only source of nutrition. I think that makes a difference. We'll see.

I'm not really thinking I'll win... but I need a little kick in the hiney... so -- this is it. We weigh in on March 2. Eeekkkk.. I'm nervous. Did I already say that? Yeah -- I did...

Yeah -- but I have that little goal... 140 by Christmas? Was it 140? Hmmm... yeah... I'm nervous. :/

OH AND... my dh did this "fitness" thing at work. His company paid for it -- actually his companies insurance company foot the bill I think. We've heard through the grape vine that the insurance company uses these numbers to set the companies premiums. But you know how a factory is -- rumors spread like wild fire. But he did it anyway. They did a BMI thing on him. Drew some blood. He got this 20,000 page booklet tell him how he can improve. Where he is high risk that sort of thing. In order for him to be healthy.. he needs to lose 23 pounds. Now -- you tell me -- is that fair? NO WAAAYY! But -- actually that tells me that my hubby has a TON of muscle. Ü Yeah -- I knew that already. A hunk! Now he's ready to go... he's going to be a lean, mean, fighting machine. LORD -- help... I want to keep up! Help me to keep up! I sort of want to do one of these read outs... I want to know how much I need to lose to be healthy. Maybe my goal is too lofty... Actually his goal that he had set in his mind would have him losing muscle along with fat. He would have been hindering himself if he would have tried to get to his goal that he'd set in his mind. Interesting...

So now -- I want to take a test... (Hear that in a super high whiny voice, that I'm so good at...)