Monday, March 5, 2007

Modesty... addressed again.

The Rebelution website participated in a Modestly Survey. There were girls who submitted questions, and the guys responded. The results can be found at the Modesty Survey.

I thought it interesting that they stated that some girls have fathers, or brothers to help them with the modesty issue. But some girls sincerely do not have anyone to be a guide... so they sincerely do not know if something is modest or not.

So the survey has very interesting questions, and great answers.

Take a look -- if you have a teenage daughter in your house... take a look with her. I'm continually amazed at what church people are letting their kiddos wear. Man alive... and when ever I see one of them that look like they are trying to take a stand and BE MODEST! I tell them. THANKS -- thanks for taking the gigantic effort it takes to dress your daughter modestly, and for training up your kiddos in the way that they should go.

Thank you Rebelution for taking the time and effort to put together this massive effort to educate people on this matter. A very important one -- in my mind -- if you have children. One not to just glide right on by. One worth standing up and fighting for!