Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Hands Are Just Itching...

... to grab a hold of that ole' tiller!!

This is the state that my garden is in right now. Getting full of weeds. That just look wrong doesn't it?

I went down there to take a peek last week. I hear if you grab a handful of soil and squeeze it -- if it falls through your fingers -- it's ready to till. Here is what my soil is doing.

Pretty moist still -- then since that photo -- it has rained again. But God has a way of drying things out. It was fairly windy today. I'm saying hooray! The ground should be good and moist -- all the rain we've gotten. It was pretty dry around here last summer. But dh and I noticed on the way to church today, the ponds are pretty full. I need to remember if it gets dry again like it did last summer, to water my tomatoes more. We didn't water them enough. They didn't get very big.

But I'm ready... got my garden shoes out. Want to see?

Oh and... I wanted to show you what I get to do again this spring...

That's right -- pick up more rocks. Isn't is amazing how the rocks just keep working them selves up. We threw out so many last year... and here is some more... ripe for the picking. We saw the farmer across the road out "picking" rocks out of his field before planting time. They do that every few years -- I try getting the little stones every spring. The earth seems to be a living breathing thing. Not stagnant... moving those rocks around.

I just can not wait to get out there in the sunshine! Praise God for the different season. Spring has sprung around here! Ü