Thursday, February 8, 2007

You know what I did??

I used a garlic poultice. Have you ever used one?

I have a cold. A WHOPPER of a cold. It started Sunday. I probably got it from some of the kiddos. I took my 5yo son into the clinic, if you remember, to be treated for croup. Then my 3yo daughter got a croupy cough a few days later. My cold didn't seem to be getting any better. By Monday evening, I really felt like I was getting an infection. I took my temperature and it was 99.4°F. Eeekkk... I've had a sinus infection before, and it knocked me for a loop for almost a week. Finally went on antibiotics for that. So this time, I decided to try something at home first. °Ü° I'm so cheap...

The above link explains it fairly well -- that is probably the first place I'd read about it. I did the paper towel method, only I put my smashed garlic in the paper towel in the microwave for 10 seconds, then ran it under warm water. This stuff is potent... I would hold the wet paper towel holding the smashed garlic unto my face where ever it felt tender. You know how when you press on your face and it just hurts when you are sick. Where ever it hurt -- I'd put the garlic until I felt a stinging sensation. Garlic oil can actually cause a burn, so as soon as it stung... I'd move it. I put it up on my forehead, between my eye brows, under my eyes on my cheek bones. Right smack on top of my nose. Even on my throat under my ears. And ON my ears. My ears ached too.

I didn't feel immediate relief. I wasn't sure what to expect... so after a bit of this -- I got bored of it and threw it away.

BUT the next morning -- I was amazed!!! It seemed to me that I didn't have any infection. My stuffed up nose and head ache were gone. But I wasn't 100%. My voice was croaking sounding the next morning, as if the mucus has moved down unto my vocal cords. But I definitely didn't feel as sick as I did the day before. Normal temps had returned.

So last night, I made another one. And I put it on my face and neck again. I bet I smell wonderful this morning. I lay in bed this morning breathing freely through my nose. Wonderful! I know people don't do this because they think "natural medicine" is for quacks... Well -- I'm a quack. Too funny... Much cheaper than a Dr. visit, and I won't be getting a yeast infection from it either. ;)

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. I'm so glad He created garlic.

I use garlic oil for ear aches around here too. I have for several years in fact. So garlic is becoming my friend. I planted a bit in my garden last year -- you know my dog ate it. Dumb dog. I'm going to have to plant a big more this year and guard it more carefully. Ü I got some from a friend from church last year -- and have frozen it. It still works... I'll tell you that much!

So -- am I cured? No -- I still have my cold... but I do believe that the infection that I felt was setting in -- has left the premises.

AND -- my Pastor's wife brought over some soup for supper last night. What a lady she is... that's probably what had the healing touch. All that chicken noodle soup. My family loved it. °Ü°