Monday, February 19, 2007

I WON -- I WON!!!


Friday night my dear husband went to see the Iowa Hawkeyes wrestle. He took our own 7 year old wrestler along with him. They went with a group of men from church. It was a poor match I'm afraid... but the fellowship was sweet, I hear. A few of the old men... oops... a few of the men with some accumulated years under their belt were overheard to say, "If I were in that good of shape -- I would be able to whip them." I think the problem was... that the Hawkeyes knew they could beat the opposing team, so they weren't trying all that hard. Thus -- they were making it look easy. There were a lot of stalemate calls. That makes for slow wrestling. Poor old fogies... oops... poor men with hoary heads... time has a way of deceiving us I think. But that's o.k. I think they were wanting to see some wrestling of the caliber of "having a little fire in their bellies!"... not to be seen at the Carver Hawkeye Arena. Maybe another time.

Well -- the competition was pretty fierce here at the Johnston Arena. If you'll remember... a Monopoly Game was scheduled here!

Tori assembled the Monopoly board, and all the paraphernalia. I was given a choice of "Players" and I chose the iron. I thought it represented me well -- as that is one thing I'm fairly good at. Humble sort of job. Not much adulation in ironing, but I get the job done. Behind the scenes sort of deal. She chose the bag of gold. Maybe that was her down fall... too greedy? Wishful thinking? Relying on the luck o' the Irish? I'm not sure. But I'll tell you one thing. SHE'S not a QUITTER. Ha ha haaa... We started the game at 7:00 p.m. We sent the littles to bed at 8:00, and continued play until a little after nine, when she was down to her last $1. Finally we called it quits. I WON!!! "Whew," I said, "Wasn't that fun!?!" She replied, "Well -- it's always fun when you win." Yeah -- she's right... I'll have to keep that in mind.

OK -- now don't be pointing out to me the advantage I had over her by a few years... remember... she probably can run faster than I can now. I've got to keep on winning some how. I'm an extremely prideful person -- I'll not lose to any of my children on purpose. NEVER!!! Be it Candyland, or who can beat to the van, or I can multiply faster than you, or MONOPOLY! I believe in aiming high!

Well -- at least she didn't cry. That's a plus!