Friday, February 16, 2007

I'm helping out a friend...

... she has written a book about keep your house clean. It has the work LOUSY in it. That fits me to a "T". LOL!!

Well -- by following her plan, I have nothing to do today. Ha ha haaa... You know -- if I have 5 kiddos.. my day is always full. But today is "going to town day", and I'm not going.

So I plan to stay at home and relax, keep the floor picked up, and doing a little reading out loud with the kiddos. Doesn't that sound fun?

No laundry, no baking, no balancing the checkbook, no paying bills, no gardening, no... nothing! Ü Yippee...

My dh plans on leaving the house today with the grappler in tow. They are going to watch the Iowa Hawkeyes wrestle. So there will be less of us here... maybe I'll whip up some carmel pop corn and we'll have a Monopoly fest. Ohhh... now -- that sounds like fun to me.