Friday, January 4, 2013

It's TAX TIME!!!

I'm using to help me with my taxes.

I used to sell Scentsy - as most of you know.  Scentsy is a home based business - self employed.  So a LOT of things can be written off...

SO - how do I keep track of all that?

I LOVE that.

So - here I go - I'm going to click, click, click on - then copy and past that info into a spread sheet and hand it over to my tax preparer. (whom I happen to live with).  He loves how organized I am.   :snort:  Well - maybe he's just glad he doesn't have to do it alone.  Or he's glad for the write offs.  Or he's glad for the refund...  your guess is as good as mine.

So - Do you use Mint?  I love it...  let me count the ways.

I don't use a checkbook register any longer.
Debit card receipts don't get lost.
I can track EVERYONE'S credit card usage with this thing.  (well - everyone that has a card in this household... not everyone in the whole world).
If I have labeled things correctly, tax time is easy peasy.
It makes me look smart, and orderly.
It's free.
I can put my budget on there and it lets me know if I'm with in budget.
It's secure.
It helps me track my saving goals.
It's accurate.
It lets me know if I have extra funds to direct toward debt payoffs.
Did I mention it makes me look smart.

So - taxes done?  check...  Whew, what a good feeling that is.