Thursday, January 3, 2013

Awww... wonderful

Library Thing - it's wonderful.  My own personal card catalog - right in the palm of my hand.

Several years ago - I started entering our books unto Library thing.  Then another time - I sorted all the books, and labeled them with the Dewey Decimal number.  Fiction separate from non-fiction.  Fiction in order by author's last name.

Today was a funny day - hubby came home from work - ranting and raving that nothing got done... I've failed to train the children, blah, blah, blah... but I felt at peace - because all 488 books in my home library are in order.  All shelved.  (not labeled, but I lost track of those right now - so that's for another day).  So - all is not right with the world - but boy, do I feel wonderful.

What makes you feel wonderful?

Some things that I think tell us the most about others are their photographs, and the books they read.  Are you on  Do you share your card catalog with friends?  I'd love to see your book shelves... even virtually.  I use my tablet - scan the little thingy on the back of the book - then library thing uses that ISBN code and looks the book up on and I say, "Yeah or Nay", if I say yes, it adds that information to my library.  Very coo.... most new books have a dewey decimal number assigned already, automatically.  Well - I'm a collector of old vintage books, or I really like using old books for school - so often times I'll have to research if I want a dewey decimal number assigned to a book.  But I'm willing to do that.

So - if you use Library Thing Friend me.  (please)  If you use something - please share...