Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Share a Blog!

OK my 27 followers... I'm blogging today.  Can you believe it?

AND -- it's a goodie.

I've got a friend Melissa who is hosting a blog challenge.  It's an easy one, anyone can play.  But it will be a goodie... you'll get great information from this challenge.


Here are the rules...

to click on a blog in your blogroll and choose a new blog to check out.  Then post about that blog. And after you post about the blog, come back here and share the link below.  Not your blog link, but the link to the post about the new blog you’ve discovered.

So - the blog I posted on her blogroll is Antique Mommy.   She is sometimes sweet, sometimes tart, but always real. She is an older mom with one kid.  The stories she tells.  I LOVE reading her blog.

So -- click on the links... follow the rules... play the game.